Executive Forest Agency Took Part in the Discussion about Mapping of Ecosystems and Their Services

On 1st of December 2016 Ministry of Environment and Water held a coordination meeting between team members working on projects funded under the program BG 03 of the EEA Financial Mechanism. Organizer of the meeting was the team of the "Methodological support for ecosystem service assessment and biophysical valuation" (MetEcoSMap), implemented by the MoEW in partnership with the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, BAS (IBER), Executive Forest Agency (EFA) and Norway Institute for research in nature (NINA).

The project aims preparation of National methodological framework for Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and providing administrative support and coordination of the seven projects that have been carried out in field work on the Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services.

Representatives of the Executive Forest Agency, members of the project team of MetEcoSMap project and those of "FORests and woodlands - ecOsystem services mapping and assessment in the bUlgaRian Forest territories oUTside natURa2000 nEtwork (FOR OUR FUTURE)" project took part in the coordination meeting and presented In situ verification of forest ecosystems which ended November 30, 2016. The experts introduced the progress on activities related to Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services.

Representatives of the other projects presented results from In situ verification and progress in mapping and evaluating of the relevant ecosystems - agro-ecosystems, grassland ecosystems, scrub and heath ecosystems, marine ecosystems, areas with sparse vegetation, rivers, lakes, wetlands, shrub ecosystems and urban ecosystems. Progress in drafting the National methodological framework and the problems arising from its implementation on terrain as well as terminological and semantic differences in the different ecosystems were discussed during that meeting.

Dr. Eng. Lyubcho Trichkov - Project Coordinator of FOR OUR FUTURE project and Eng. Georgy Tinchev - GIS project expert – presented the progress on the implementation of activities, in particular Activity 3.1: Data verification, Activity 3.2: Mapping of the ecosystem services according approved by MOEW Methodology.

The contribution of experts participating in the process of establishment of a national layer "Forests outside Natura 2000 Network"; analytical approach to identify the types of forest ecosystems levels 3 and 4 of EUNIS; development of models for assessment of the status of forest ecosystems and their services was acknowledged.

Empirical methodology and interpolation techniques for assessment of deadwood the percentage of grass cover – there were no data in forest databases about those parameters.

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