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Meeting between management and implementation teams of FOR OUR FUTURE project

On June 07, 2016, at 10 a.m. at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food the Executive Forest Agency (EFA) was held a working meeting of project management and implementation teams of Project BG03.02-08  "FORests and woodlands - ecOsystem services mapping and assessment in the bUlgaRian Forest territories oUTside natURa2000 nEtwork (FOR OUR FUTURE)" Programme Area 2 – Biodiversity and cosystems”, Measure BG 03.02 "Ecosystem services mapping and assessment", co-financed by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014 and Project BG03.PDP2 Methodological support for ecosystem service assessment and biophysical valuation (MetEcosMap), co-financed by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

Opening speech was made by Eng. Krasimir Kamenov - Deputy Executive Director of EFA and project manager of FOR OUR FUTURE project.

Following topics were discussed during that meeting: work done so far in implementation of the project MetEcosMap, as well as practical clarifications made about the assessment of condition of forest ecosystems and of material, regulatory and cultural ecosystem services provided by them. The experts gave number of recommendations to their colleagues how to determine appropriate indicators and parameters for assessment of forest ecosystems and their services using Methodology for assessment and mapping of forests and forest and assessment of ecosystem services in Bulgaria.

Participants in the meeting were experts from the team implementing FOR OUR FUTUTRE project - Dr. Eng. Ljubcho Trichkov, coordinator of the project, project team members of EFA and Regional Directorates of Forestry and experts from the team implementing MetEcoSMap - Dr. Albena Bobeva, Project Manager, Dr. Eng. Anna Petrakieva, coordinator of the project, Eng. Valentin Chambov and others.

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