Meeting between management and implementation teams of FOR OUR FUTURE project and Advisory Board for reports on work done under the contract № 57/27.04.2016, and in agreement of № 56/27.04.2016

On June 28, 2016 at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Executive Forest Agency (EFA) conducted two meetings due to implementation of the project "Forests and Woodlands - Ecosystem Services Mapping and Assessment in The Bulgarian Forest Territories Outside Natura 2000 Network" – regular meeting of project management and implementation teams and one of the Advisory Board of the EFA for receiving reports of work done under the contract №57/27.04.2016 with subject - “Algorithm for EUNIS habitat classification based on taxation descriptions” and under the contract №56/27.04.2016 with  subject  “Approach to identify the types of forest ecosystems within EUNIS at subdivision level of forests outside Natura 2000” under FOR OUR FUTURE project.

Participants in the work meeting were Eng. Krasimir Kamenov - Project Manager, Dr. Eng. Ljubcho Trichkov, coordinator of the project, project team members of EFA and a representative of MetEcoSMap project.

During the meetings were presented and discussed projects of algorithms for mapping and assessment of forest ecosystems and their services. Presented algorithms were refined and supplemented with expert level argumentation.

At 2 p.m. meeting of the Advisory Board was held to accept the two reports of the above mentioned contracts. The submission of reports was followed by discussions. As final result, the Advisory Board adopted them with certain comments and it was decided that further coordination was needed with the authors of the Methodology for assessment and mapping of forest ecosystems and with the program operator - Ministry of Environment and water.

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