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Photo Exhibition: "In Harmony With Nature" was opened by Minister Vasileva

A photo exibition at the City Garden near the "Ivan Vazov" National Theatre presents photos from projects implemented under the programmes for integrated inland and marine water management and biodiversity, implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Waters. The total number of projects presented at the exhibition is 38 whith a total funding of 18 million Euro. Project promoter and partners include NGOs, municipalities, scientific institutes and universities. The exhibition shows curious facts about the Bulgarian nature and its inhabitants as well as many events and initiatives implemented in cooperation with Norwegian partners.

"These projects are significant for the implementation of the policies of the MoEW. Many types of activities are aimed at integrated water management and the preservation of biodiversity ", said Minister Vasileva.

The Executive Forest Agency, as beneficent of Programme Area 2 – Biodiversity and cosystems”, Measure BG 03.02 "Ecosystem services mapping and assessment", co-financed by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014, took part in the exhibition, presenting interesting photos from fieldwork of EFA experts.


Photo gallery: 
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