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Starting press conference and a seminar of FOR OUR FUTURE project

On June 15, 2016, 10:00 a.m. at Hotel Anel Sofia were held the starting press conference and a seminar of the project "FORests and woodlands - ecOsystem services mapping and assessment in the bUlgaRian Forest territories oUTside natURa2000 nEtwork (FOR OUR FUTURE)", co-financed by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014.

Press conference opening statement was made by Eng. Krasimir Kamenov, Deputy Executive Director of EFA and project manager of FOR OUR FUTURE project. He briefly presented the activities of the Executive Forest Agency (EFA), gave a brief overview of the projects which EFA implemented as a leading partner and underlined the importance of this project.

Ms. Kremena Petkova - Chief Expert at Directorate Coordination of EU and International relations”, Ministry of Environment and Water and project coordinator – presented aims and scope of the programme BG03 biodiversity and ecosystems.

Dr. Eng. Ljubcho Trichkov - coordinator of the project and chief expert at the "Projects and international activities" Directorate– briefly presented project activities and expected results. Eng. Vasko Raycinov, project coordinator and expert in Regional forest directorate – Kardzhali, presented mapping and assessment of ecosystem services outside Natura 2000 Network – project activities that would be their responsibility of project partner organizations - Regional forest directorate (RFD) – Kardzhali and Norwegian Forestry Group AS (NFG).

At the end of the press conference the opportunity to ask questions was given to the invited journalists, representatives of the magazines "Agrokompas" and "Forest", Agro TV and “Glasat na fermera” newspaper. Questions were answered by project manager and coordinators – experts in EFA and RFD - Kardzhali.

The press conference was followed by a seminar. Dr. Eng. L. Trichkov and Eng. Maria Belovarska – expert “Ecosystem Services” – made presentations. There were discussions on key issues related to the methodology for assessment and mapping the status of forest ecosystems and their services; used database for evaluation, difficulties and challenges experts encountered implementing project activities. Best practices and experiences were exchanged between experts from project management and implementation teams and representatives of other projects under Program BG03 "Biodiversity and ecosystems", participants in the seminar.

Participants in the events were key experts of EFA and Regional Forest Directorates, responsible for implementation of FOR OUR FUTURE activates, representatives of MetEcoSMap project, those of FEMA: Freshwater Ecosystem services Mapping and Assessment in Bulgaria project and representatives of TUNESinURB project.


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