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Training within the FOR OUR FUTURE project

From 24th  to 28th of October 2016 in Bansko a training was conducted as part of the activates of the a project "Forests And Woodlands - Ecosystem Services Mapping And Assessment In The Bulgarian Forest Territories Outside Natura2000 Network, co-financed by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014”.

The training included: working with GIS software application installed on purchased GPS devices and presentations of the following topics: "Preparation and process of the forests database for the purpose of its use in GIS environment", "Concept of GIS analysis“, “Ecosystem services and their valuation", etc.

Algorithm and a system to assess the condition of forest ecosystems in accordance with Table 5 of the Methodology for Assessment and Mapping of Forests and Forest Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services in Bulgaria were presented as well as evaluation system of physical, regulatory and cultural ecosystem services and indicators and data to develop algorithms to identify the three types of ecosystem services from forests. During the training experts "Forest databases" of the Regional Directorates of Forestry, presented their assessments related to the implementation of activity 3.1 of the project. They had the opportunity to discuss, correct and standardize certain indicators to evaluate the situation and assess ecosystem services identified by the relevant algorithms in the field.

Discussions, cameral work as well as field work were part of this training. Project experts shared their valuable experience gained during their work.

Experts Eng. Krasimir Kamenov - Project Manager, Dr. Eng. Lyubcho Trichkov, coordinator of the project, Eng. Rosen Raychev- Land. Architect Ivan Bogdanov, Georgy Tinchev, Eng. Georgy Gogushev, Nikoleta Dineva - PR expert, experts "Forest databases" of the Regional Directorates of Forestry, Vasko Raychinov - project coordinator and other experts from project’s partner - RFD Kardzhali - attended the training.

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