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Trainings within the FOR OUR FUTUTRE project

Two trainings, part of the activities of FOR OUR FUTUTRE project, have been conducted in the period 29th of August – 2nd of September in Bansko city.

The first training contains presentations on the following topics:  "Geographic Information Systems -Introduction and essential components"; "Global Positioning System (GPS) - introduction, main characteristics, methods of measurement and achievable accuracy, use in the management of forests"; "Ways to exchange data between desktop and mobile GIS applications. Review of software products such as ArcGIS for Desktop and DigiTerra Explorer ", etc.

During the second training “Best Norwegian practices" for forest management planning, forest inventory; data collection methods and techniques will be presented to the experts, participants in the event.

Participants in the training: Dr. Eng. Ljubcho Trichkov - Project Coordinator, Eng. Maria Belovarska, Mariana Simeonova, Ivan Bogdanov, Kiril Tashev, Georgy Tinchev – project experts, Petya Slavchevska - technical assistant, experts “Forest database", representatives of all Regional Directorates of Forestry, Vasko Raychinov - project coordinator from the partner organization RFD Kardzhali, lecturers, representatives of The Norwegian Forestry Group (NFG) – Mr. Oysten Aazaren Mr. Jens Kolstad, Mr. Stein Tomter and Mr. Arlid Lingaard, representatives of the company which proved GPS devices and the software - Mr. Momchil Minchev, General manager, Dr. Tanya Slavova and Dr. Asparuh Kamburov – speakers.

Presentations, available in Bulgarian:

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