About the project

Executive Forest Agency implements the project "FORests and woodlands - ecOsystem services mapping and assessment in the bUlgaRian Forest territories oUTside natURa2000 nEtwork (FOR OUR FUTURE)", co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area from 2009 to 2014 (EEA FM) contract № D-33-89-31.08.2015. The project is implemented under Programme number BG03 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Measure BG 03.02 "Ecosystem services mapping and assessment", Program operator - Ministry of environment and water.

Executive Forest Agency is the main beneficiary. Project‘s partners are Regional Forest Directorate Kardzhali (RFD Kardzhali) and Norwegian Forestry Group (NFG).

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Mapping and evaluation of forest ecosystem services in areas outside Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria;
  • Implementation of Objective 2 of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020 - better protection and restoration of ecosystems and the services they provide;
  • Reducing biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystem services.

The project was launched on 31st of August 2015. The project duration is 17 months - until 31st of January 2017. The total project cost is estimated at about 850 000 lev, 100% co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism.

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