Activity 3.2: Mapping of the ecosystem services according approved by MOEW Methodology

The activity is performed by the key experts who are responsible for:

  1. Establishment of a national layer "Forests outside Natura 2000 Network", including: Coordinate transformations; Conversion of the file format; Exclusion from baseline data of forest areas within the Natura 2000 Network;
  2. Topological processing of the layer "Forests outside Natura 2000 Network ";
  3. Analytical approach to identify the types of forest ecosystems within EUNIS;
  4. Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services based on the Methodology approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water;
  5. Publication of the results of the mapping of forest ecosystems and determination of their ecosystem services.

Implementation of Activity 3.2 includes conduction of two public procurement procedures. Contracts with companies were signed for the delivery of 16 GPS devices and software application for a mobile device. "Forest databases" experts will be trained to work with the GPS devices.

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